Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bridgewater establishing an Alumni Network?
The Bridgewater story is a collective story, and whether you were here for a short stint or spent your career here, you played a role in the creation and evolution of Bridgewater. With so many exceptional people being a part of Bridgewater over the years, the demand is high from both the alumni and the company for greater connection and mutual support. It's a way to explore the power of the Bridgewater network to maintain established relationships as well as foster new connections.

Who is allowed to join the Bridgewater Alumni Network?
Eligible former Bridgewater employees who elect to participate.

Who sees my information on the network?
The site is secure, accessible through registration only. It is visible to other alumni who choose to join the network and Bridgewater site administrators. To learn how to control what information is visible, please see below: How do I control what personal information is visible to other alumni?

Who is developing and managing the Alumni Network?
Co-CEOs David McCormick and Eileen Murray asked Robyn Shepherd, who has been at Bridgewater since 2004, to lead Bridgewater's alumni initiative. She is working closely with Caroline Ettl (who has been affiliated with Bridgewater since 1997) and Christine DelVecchio (who has been at Bridgewater since 2008). 

How do I give programmatic input on the Alumni Network?
Reach out to Robyn Shepherd, Caroline Ettl, and Christine DelVecchio by emailing We value any feedback you have – do not hesitate to reach out.

How do I submit alumni news to be featured on the website?
We're eager to share the latest and greatest news about Bridgewater alumni on the website. If you have news or know about fellow alumni in the news, please submit a short description and a link to the publication to

If I have questions related to my past employment at Bridgewater Associates, whom do I contact?
Please email and they will connect you with the appropriate contact(s).

How do I browse the list of members?
1. Click Directory
2. Use Keyword or Advanced Search and click search icon
3. Sort by Last Name, First Name, and Current Company
4. Show the number of results by selecting number from drop down

What are keywords and how do I use them?
Keywords are used to identify your skills or interests. These can be professional or personal. Members can search keywords and use them to connect personally or professionally. 

How do I tag myself with keywords?
1. Click Profile
2. In the Keywords section, click the "Add keywords" link
3. To enter multiple keywords, use a comma and a space after each word
4. To enter multiple words into a key phrase use only spaces in between words
5. Click Save

What web browsers does the site support?
Modern versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Mac Safari.

How do I edit my profile?
1. Click Profile
2. Click Edit for the area you wish to edit
3. Edit accordingly
4. Click Save

How do I control what personal information is visible to other alumni?
Follow the instructions above on how to edit your profile. In each edit section you will see a privacy drop-down with visibility level options: Members, Contacts, or Only Me. Select your desired visibility level for each part of your profile. For further information about data privacy, see our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Notice.

What if I forgot my password?
1. Click the Reset Password link in the Member Login section on the logged-out landing page
2. On the Reset Password page enter your primary email address and enter the graphic code displayed below the email field
3. Click Send New Password
4. A login link (valid for only 48 hours) will be sent to the primary email address associated with your account
5. Click the link to create a new password

How do I view the list of my contacts?
Click Directory > Advanced Search > Check the box for "Search only my contacts" > Click Search

How do I view a contact's profile?
1. Click Directory > Advanced Search > Check the box for "Search only my contacts" > Click Search
2. Click on the member's name to view his or her profile

How do I delete a contact from the list?
1. Click Directory > Advanced Search > Check the box for "Search only my contacts" > Click Search
2. Click Delete for specified member

How do I change my display name?
1. At the upper right dropdown and beneath your name, select My Settings
2. Edit your name under the User Detail section
3. Click Save

How do I send a message to a contact?
1. Click Directory > Advanced Search > Check the box for "Search only my contacts" > Click Search
2. Click the Send a Message link to the right of the member's name in the list view

How do I add a contact?
In the Directory list view, click the Add to Contacts link for the member you wish to connect with. A connection request will be sent to that member for his or her approval. After the member has approved the connection request, he or she will show up under your contacts.

How do I use basic and advanced search?
1. Basic Search
  a) Enter a name, description or keyword in the main search box
  b) Click search icon

2. Advanced Search
  a) Click "Advanced Search" in the bottom right hand corner of the search box
  b) Use any of the search fields by entering your search criteria
  c) Click Search at the bottom.

How do I post a job?
Being a place that attracts exceptional talent, we know Bridgewater's Alumni Network can be a great source for both talent and for sharing exciting career opportunities. We encourage alumni to post job openings at their own companies, and we encourage alumni to seek these opportunities through the Alumni Network website.

Bridgewater will review all jobs before posting, and reserves the right not to post certain jobs. A posting does not represent an endorsement or imply any changes to ongoing non-compete obligations.

To post a job at your company:
1. Click Jobs tab > Post a job
2. Complete the details form > Click Post Job

Once the job has been approved, you will see it listed under the My Posted Jobs tab.

How do I delete my profile?
We're sorry to see you go. To permanently delete your profile please reach out to and ask for your profile to be permanently deleted.